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We believe in utilizing technology to make things simple and easy to use.

Channakya Software (P) Ltd is a company and has been developing banking software, assets management software, attendance management software, payroll management software, human resource management and cheque management software for local market for last five (5) years. We develop various products and have constantly improved them in-house along with time, with our programmers and support staffs in order to give our clients the best technological product that allows them to compete in the market with the best possible edge.

We have more than Two Hundred customers, using our products and our clients include co-operative banks, financial institutions and development banks, cable net, Data Center and INGOs. Channakya Software has more than 40 employees working together in order to meet our clients need. The department consists of Administration, Finance, Technical (Development & Support), Marketing and Sales.

For the last 5 years, our development team, support staffs and business analyst, with continuous feedback from our clients, have worked together in creating a new product to meet the current market trend and requirement. Our products have already been tested in various institutions, and are ready to help our clients with advanced technological tool, such as crystal reporting and maker checker verification, to name a few, to excel in the competitive market.

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We here at Channakya Software put most importance on quality work and efficient services so our clients can utilize the premium services in this volatile market. The software industry is a booming one and Channakya Software makes sure that our clients get the benefit of working with an organization dedicated in well being of the clients and providing them with the software on par with the growing market in order to ward of other competition. Here at Channakya Software, we develop the various products that help to an institution to run their organization effectively and smoothly.

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Channakya Software Training Program

Software development is the process of developing software with the help of successive phases to achieve the client’s objective and maintaining the useful software in an efficient manner. The software can be developed for many purposes. Our employees are experienced with excellent knowledge of Software Development to fulfil client’s requirements. Being a Software Development company we developed useful Software for our clients.

It has been observed that more than 90% of fresh tech graduates don’t know how to develop softwares.  This is because of the lack of proper education that is being provided in technical colleges and as a result most tech graduates remain unemployed years after years. Software Development Training Program at Channakya has been designed to provide excellent software development knowledge to our candidates which would teach them entire software development life cycle. And after successful completion of the training, candidate may be offered a job or internship.

The core of the Channakya’s Software Development Program focuses on providing trainees with a experimental and practical approach rather than relying completely on traditional lectures. The program allows the trainees to assist the software development teams working on real time client projects. In this program, you will work in a regular corporate working environment alongside with your peers as they create and develop real applications, learning about different needs of small programming projects and large-enterprise software system projects. The trainees will be immersed in project development and will have to deal with project deadlines, pressure and other issues. This will make it easier for them to become quickly effective on the job and enables more rapid professional advancement.

We provide software development and IT Services. Our technological expertise, high quality standards, creativity and efficiency are combined in our services to deliver maximum value to our clients. The organization provides training on some of the newest technologies like .NET, JAVA, PHP and many more.